Welcome to my homepage everyone!!! I have now had my homepage online for quite some time and so far I have had some great comments. I am glad that you all are interested in my homepage. However, I am really pissed at the fact that my entire website crashed and I lost everything, so give me time while I rebuild everything. It may take a while because recently I have been real busy.

     Don't worry though, this time around I will be making a much more professional homepage.. It will probably be posted sometime in the summer of 2002. I am looking forward to posting that site up because it should be just excellent. Also I look forward to web designing for a few people, so in my new site I will have a special section for web designing for anyone who's interested.

     Until the summer of 2002, this is my temporary homepage and wish to see you back here soon when I have a brand new site up. Till then take care my fellow friends and remember to bookmark this site because you will want to come back & visit this site sometime soon.  While the other site is Under Construction, I leave you with the interesting things right below.

Thanks for dropping by!!!! Feel free to mail me with comments and suggestions you have at

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Last Updated: 03/06/02
Created By: Anvesh Kumar(Heshie)


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